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Hoarder Cleanout New Jersey

Hoarder property cleanup can be a complicated task. As the extent of a hoard progresses, the process of taking on and eliminating the clutter necessarily requires the assistance of a professional hoarder property cleanup service. A key reason why professional remediation is vital is because an advanced hoard is more than likely to include biohazardous materials that present a serious threat to the health and wellbeing of the hoarder, those involved in cleaning the property, and others.

Definition of Hoarding

Hoarding is a psychological disorder, according to the Mayo Clinic. Hoarding disorder is characterized by a persistent difficulty to discard or otherwise part with possessions due to a perceived, pervasive need to save them. The net result is an excessive accumulation of items, regardless of the actual value.

Signs and Symptoms of Hoarding in NJ

Specialists at the Mayo Clinic have identified a set of signs and symptoms of hoarding. Some of all of these signs and symptoms may exist in a particular case.

  • Excessive acquisition of items that are not needed and for which there is no available space to store
  • Persistent difficult disposing of things a person possesses, no matter if these items lack value
  • A strong, pervasive need to save these items accompanied by being upset with the mere thought of disposing of them
  • Building up clutter (usually within a residence) to the point that rooms become inhabitable
  • Overarching tendency towards perfectionism, avoidance, procrastination, and indecisiveness
  • Mounting difficulties associated with organizing and planning

Levels of Hoarding: The Clutter Hoarding Scale

Hoarder Cleanout NJ

Hoarder House Cleanout in New Jersey

Taking care of a hoarder house cleanout NJ can be dangerous. You don’t know what could be piled away in the corners and stacks. We can handle the job safely because we have the proper safety equipment. Our team will work to avoid the dangers that could be lurking in the piles of junk and rubbish. Don’t risk getting hurt or sick from attacking a New Jersey hoarder house cleanout project. This is definitely a job that should be left to those that are trained to handle this kind of task. While it may seem harmless, houses that are filled with old junk can be filled with mold, insects and rodents. At JunkDoctorsNJ, we are prepared for anything!

How We Stand Out

How does JunkDoctorsNJ stand out when it comes to NJ hoarder house cleanout?

  • We have the tools and equipment needed for jobs of all sizes.
  • We have undergone extensive training so we know how to handle different materials.
  • We recycle whenever possible, so we sort at we load.
  • We can carry even the heaviest items, so you don’t have to risk getting injured.
  • We are honest and dependable, doing the job just as we promise.
  • We make excellent results affordable. We always chair fair pricing for the job.

Make the call to us today 973-336-8083 so we can take care of your New Jersey hoarder house cleanout right away!

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